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Online yoga

Private Yoga Classes

I offer private yoga classes online via the Zoom app. This is a great way of learning that works well for students who live overseas. Sessions are tailored to suit each individual's needs and requirements. I'm able to teach a range of subjects in this way including practical yoga techniques such as posture & breath control and also theoretical subjects such as yoga philosophy and history. Sessions are usually 75 minutes in duration and can be recorded so that you can refer back to them at any time. If you'd like to learn yoga in this way then please get in touch.


75 mins Zoom class: £50
Five classes (75mins each): £240
Ten classes (75 mins each): £450

Please note: the first class includes an additional 15 mins (for which there is no charge) in which we'll discuss your aims and objectives.

About James

James is a yoga teacher & researcher who's practised yoga for 24 years. He holds an MA in Traditions of Yoga & Meditation from SOAS, University of London, where he specialised in premodern yoga.

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